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Our Strategic Priorities
Our business model is focused on building a sustainable operation as a Pension Fund Custodian with the aim of supporting our clients to achieve their objectives while also creating long term value for our stakeholders. This business structure is underpinned by a service-oriented approach to our clients.

First Pension Custodian's vision has been crafted to suit its intentions and aspirations of operating at the highest levels, while our strategic objectives outline what we need to do to achieve this vision.

The essence of our strategy is to enhance our reputation as a Pension Fund Custodian of first choice delivering quality service and constantly competing for growth opportunities in our markets.

Ours is a high-performing organisation that rewards our people not just for what they do, but how they do it. We invest time and resources in understanding our clients' unique needs and combine our capabilities with the strength of our Group to deliver best-in-class services to our clients in a bid to drive business growth. The 5 basic building blocks to our strategy - grow market share, transform customer experience, leverage innovation, drive efficiency and exploit group synergies to drive business growth aim to drive operational excellence.
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